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My name is Kevin Fosse and I am residing in Bergen, Norway. I have been working with 3D and animation for about 10 years now. You can check my Curriculum Vitae for further information. For the time being I hold a position as a 3D teacher at Noroff Instituttet.

I am not one of those guys who have been drawing all my life. Nor did I make a conscious decision to become an animator as a child after watching Disney films. Although, as all children, I did love animation. My dream was to make films, regardless of the medium. In fact that is why I got in to character animation in the first place. A friend of mine showed me 3D studio MAX and told me it was like having a whole movie studio inside your computer. And after playing around with character animation I was hooked.

I have Diploma in Advanced Character Animation Studies from the school Animationmentor. Although I consider myself an animator first, I also have a broad knowledge of most things CG. I have a good understanding of 3D Studio Max, but my weapon of choice is Maya.



Kevin Fosse & James Baxter

The legendary James Baxter and me.